Friday 19th August, 2011
Luminous Experience of a Brain Scan: (from "The Secret Reader")

An hour ago the nurse shot technetium
into my arm. At last this human mud
is light itself - no eye seeking a crumb
of mystery elsewhere. Radioactive blood.
Rigid I press my face against a screen
and gamma rays reveal the pilgrimage
through every catacomb, scanning unseen
vessels and deadly pools. A squiggly page
shows me inside: ravines of fear, a hill
of wordy hope, a squawking bumpy map
of love, the starry motorcycle spill.
"Nurse, what news from my inner tree of night?"
"You're scintillating!" But the glowing sap
can't see itself. Only the mind sees light.

— Willis Barnstone

posted by Rob Mitchelmore, 21:37 (anchor)